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Metropolitan Halifax (2006 pop.: 282,924), often referred to as Metro Halifax, or Halifax, is the urban part of the Halifax Regional Municipality, a regional municipality that covers a large area of Nova Scotia, including rural areas. Metropolitan Halifax is a broad term used to distinguish the urban core of the HRM from the city of Halifax, since Halifax is only one of three major urban areas within Metropolitan Halifax, the others being Dartmouth and Bedford. Metropolitan Halifax is the most populous urban area in Atlantic Canada and home to Nova Scotia's capital district. While the majority of urban areas include a city surrounded by towns and suburbs that are often self or separately governed from the city.

Metropolitan Halifax is unusual in that the entire urban, suburban and rural commuter-shed—as well as a substantial unrelated rural area—are all a part of a single-tier municipal corporation called the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), a regional municipality that governs Halifax County, covering a geographic area larger than the province of Prince Edward Island. Metropolitan Halifax benefits from a process of increased rural depopulation and corresponding urban growth in Atlantic Canada during the late 20th century—a demographic shift that was delayed several decades in the region compared with other parts of North America. Apartment rentals in Halifax are proximity to major institutions including 7 universities, 11 business and industrial parks, 8 major hospitals, 12 golf clubs, 5 yacht clubs, 171 parks, as well as many lakes, beaches, and resorts. In addition, the unforgettable magnificent coastline of rocky bays and small isolated sand beaches always beckons those who choose Halifax, Nova Scotia apartments for rent.
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