Advertise Property Listings

Advertising has never been so easy!

Prop2Go with it's 90% rental property conversion rate, provides property owners with the exposure they need to rent their property quickly.

No more having to show your property to each and every potential occupant. You can now list with Prop2Go and take advantage of having a listing that provides both you and your customers with an online value added experience. Just refer potential customers to our site to view your property.

Advertise your apartment, condo, or house on Prop2Go for only $24.95/Month.

Self-Managed Online Experience:
Provides you with the flexibility to completely self-manage your entire portfolio of listings online.

- Provide customers with visuals of the assets your property holds.
- Upload up to 9 photos of your property.
- Include Amenities and detailed descriptions of each room.

It's Quick and Easy:
- Simply create an account and create your listing in minutes.
- Activate and Deactivate your listings at your leisure.
- Modify your existing listings with up-to-date information.

- Save time and money by avoiding on site viewings and traditional advertising methods.
- We can process your payments using our secure payment methods.